Donate warm winter clothing to Ukraine’s civilians and refugees

Donating warm winter clothing to Ukraine’s civilians and refugees project by Student Charity for Ukraine

A Ukrainian graduate student at Tokyo university whose family house was destroyed by the attack has started a project to deliver warm winter clothing to Ukraine’s civilians and refugees with the help of Japanese students who were dispatched to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to volunteer. Ikenoue dojo/Ikenoue Studio is now set up as a collection venue for locals. Please let us ask you to consider of donating if you have warm winter clothing of no use anymore. The students group also accept donation for its transportation costs. Every little helps. We greatly appreciate your warm support of taking part in this project.

Collection Dates:
4th Dec 2:30-5:30pm
11th Dec 2:30-5:30pm
18th Dec 2:30-5:30pm
Thanks to the locals’ supports, we have collected more than 100 items despite one day’s notice on 4th Dec. We highly appreciate your continued support.

Items we accept:
Warm winter coat, down jackets, ski jackets/ski pants, sweater/jumper, warm pants/trousers, HeaTech/thermal clothing, warm hat covering ears, wool beanie, warm hoodie, blanket, gloves, and thick socks.

We accept CLEAN & WASHED items only. No stains or ripped clothing is accepted.
Not only adults but also children’s clothes are appreciated as there are many children among the refugees.

Collection Venue:
Ikenoue Dojo / Ikenoue Studio
2-48-21-2F Daizawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo
2 mins walk from Ikenoue station, 7 mins walk from Higashi-kitazawa station, 11 mins walk from Shimokitazawa station

What is Student Charity for Ukraine?
・operated by university student volunteers who had been dispatched to neighboring counties of Ukraine for volunteering activities.
・giving speeches about our experiences at seminars of Japanese schools and universities.
・collecting warm winter clothing project is now ongoing.
・delivering the clothing to Ukrainian refugees via UAid Direct, a registered Ukrainian charitable foundation.
You can also see all pictures of our activities on Instagram and Facebook.
UAid Direct :

Donation via bank wire transfer:
Bank Name : MUFJ bank / Mitsubishi UFJ bank
Bank code: 0005
SWIFT: BOTKJPJT(if 8 digits are needed)or BOTKJPJTXXX(for 11 digits)
Branch Name : Seijo Branch
Branch Code: 132
Account Type: Saving account/ordinary account
Account Number: 0588204 (132-0588204 if no space to enter the branch code)
Account Name: スチユーデントチヤリテイーフオーウクライナ ミヤケ ダイキ (student charity for Ukraine Miyake Daiki)
三菱 UFJ 銀行 成城支店(支店番号132)
口座名 : 普通
口座番号 : 0588204
口座名義 : スチユーデントチヤリテイーフオーウクライナ ミヤケ ダイキ
-Please add “KIND” in front of your name when you type the remitter’s name.
-Please burden the money transfer fee at your expense.
-Please fill a form below if you’d like to receive the financial report from them.
Registration form

Inquiries about our project:
Inquiries about collection at Ikenoue Dojo/ Ikenoue Studio: