Multicultural event on 15th Oct. — Takoyaki Party with rice flour —

We are excited to announce that we will hold a multicultural event on 15th Oct at Ikenoue Studio. Are you familiar with Takoyaki, the Japanese dumpling snacks, and have you seen the Takoyaki maker with numerous half-spheres? While traditional Takoyaki is made from regular flour, this event will feature cooking dishes and sweets made from gluten-free rice flour using the Takoyaki maker. The event will be conducted in both Japanese and English, providing a great opportunity to make local friends!

Please check the details in the link below.
Event description :
★Date and Time : Sunday, 15th of October, 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
★Place:Ikenoue Studio 2nd floor (within 3 minutes, walkable distance from Ikenoue station on Inokashira Line)
★Fee:: 1,000yen
Although this event is mainly for adults, we welcome children accompanied by participants. Elementary school students are for ¥500, and children under 6 enter for free.
★Application form: (Deadline : 8th of October)
– We might adjust the capacity if we receive a large number of applicants
The event organizer is a group called Home In Japan, with the aim of fostering a friendly multicultural community. The group’s founders all have international backgrounds: one was born and raised in Japan as the child of immigrant parents, another is an attorney actively involved in foreigners’ human rights, and the third is a Japanese language teacher at a university with experience growing up abroad. Their objective is to support newcomers in integrating into Japanese society. Since their organization is registered and subsidized by Setagaya Ward, Setagayans are most welcome at their events. The venue is within walking distance from Shimokitazawa.
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